Sunday, April 13, 2014


Monday morning.

Well, this business of being an author is a real learning experience.

Having finished the manuscript of my book, CONVENTION USA,  I put it up on a blog for all the world to see.

Some folks, including some very knowledgeable and beloved folks, have suggested that it is economically unwise to make my book available to anyone and everyone without charge. After all, who is going to buy a book you can get for nothing?

That’s logical. But I saw it another way. Who is going to buy a book that nobody wants?

I figured that if my friends and relatives don’t think the book is worth reading, who else will?

So I sent out an email to about 750 people. Unfortunately, the first time I did it, the link to the book didn’t work. My fault. Just another typo in the wrong place. Anyway, I sent it out again, and I am happy to report that as of tonight, something like 150 people have clicked on Chapter One.

They may not have read it, but at least they looked at it.

It looks like quite a few of the people who looked at Chapter One are looking at Chapter Two, Chapter Three and so on.

So, I am encouraged. And being encouraged, I continue to send queries to publishers and agents trying to find someone willing to put the book on the shelves at Barnes and Noble.

Truth is, I’m not doing this to make money. Polly will gladly testify that my passion for reforming the United States Constitution has had a negative cash flow in our household for a long time.

There is indeed much more to be done to rein in our dysfunctional government than one man and a laptop computer can do. The book may help. But if it is to make a difference, if it is to cause a ripple on the sea of American politics, it will have to be read by a lot more people than I can reach with a blog.

So here’s the deal: if you read the book, and if you think it carries a message that ought to be seen by the millions of our fellow citizens who no longer have faith in the federal government in Washington D.C. for whatever reason,  please pass the web site along to everyone in your address book with your recommendation.

I don’t know what it takes to ‘go viral’ a they say. I doubt that 10 or 20 thousand readers are likely to change the political discourse of the nation.

Still, if we can generate a mini-storm, it just may occur to the decision makers in the publishing business that the American People might just buy the book.

Of course, getting it published is not the main objective. Thomas Paine didn’t write Common Sense to sell pamphlets, but to start a revolution.

No matter how many people read the book, no matter how many buy the published book, it will be an exercise in futility unless it contributes to the calling of an Article V convention to propose amendments to the United States Constitution.

So that’s what it’s all about.

Thanks for reading, and don’t hesitate to write and tell me how it can be improved.

One more time, here’s the URL:

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