Monday, March 24, 2014


Several people have written to say that they would like to see my book. Although completed in a rough draft, the book is sill a work in progress.

It has occurred to me that, taken collectively, my friends, relatives and blog readers are far wiser and better informed than I am, and so I am inviting everyone to lend me hand.

I have broken the book down to a number of short (700 to 1,200 words) chapters, and I propose to publish a few chapters every day for the next couple of months on my blog. They will be seen at

I invite all of you to leave comments on these blogs with any corrections – typographical, factual, grammatical, etc. that may occur to you. Comments may be left anonymously. All will be published except any that belong in a locker room.

Don’t hesitate to take issue with the text. If what I have written isn’t defensible, maybe it should be excised.

And I invite you to relay this to anyone you think might be interested in joining in. I need all the editors I can get.

© Thomas E. Brennan 2014