Thursday, April 3, 2014



I am happy to report that this blog is now officially back to normal.

I haven’t given up on the book. Not at all. The manuscript is finished, all 68,939 words of it.

For those who have started reading it on the mini chapters I posted here, and for those who never quite got around to it, I am pleased to announce that the entire book can be seen at:

Don’t expect a professional printing job. Google’s Blogspot has a mind of its own. Sometimes what was typed in 14 point gets printed in 18 point, and vice-versa. It may be a gravel road, but the scenery and the destination are what’s important.

No cost, no obligation, except the moral imperative that you listen to the distress signals coming from Washington and consider becoming a First Responder.

That said, I’ll be checking with Google every few days to see how many people visit the site.

With Michigan claiming to be the 34th State to petition Congress for a an Article V convention, perhaps the possibility of a constitutional convention will start to dawn on the media and people will want to know what its all about.

Tell them to read the Judge’s book. 

In the meantime...

Yesterday, April 2, 2014 was the sixty-sixth anniversary of my first date with Pauline Mary Weinberger. And my first taste of those sweet lips that passed so many words of wisdom, correction, counsel, amusement and devotion in the last two-thirds of a century.

I planned a kind of a date. Polly had a doctor's appointment in Sun City Center, and I found a cutsey Tea Room in Sarasota, for a light supper before the 6:40 showing of God's Not Dead at the AMC 12 in Sarasota. She managed to finale the surprise out of me, and didn't seem all that enthused about a tea room.

Then she got on her Ipad and read about the movie. Of course, she found some anti-Christian egghead reviewer who couldn't wait to give away the surprise ending.

As it turned out, the tea room was closing, and we ended up at an Irish Pub, much to my liking.

The movie was quite good -- and sold out. 

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