Friday, December 11, 2015


My last blog elicited a challenge from my favorite liberal correspondent to write a blog defending the habit of watching Fox News.

I’m afraid that I must confess that we watch a good bit of Fox News at our house. It’s not an exclusive habit mind you, I have been known to tune in to Rachel Maddow from time to time. She gets off some delicious zingers, mostly from the left, but always on point.

And then there is Willard Scott on NBC. He will retire on December 15 after 65 years at the network. I was hoping he would stay another 14 years so that I could be featured on a Smucker’s award as a centenarian.

I have some golfing buddies who watch Fox News because of the feminine pulchritude featured there. Murphy even leaves the Tuesday night gin game in time to see Megyn Kelly. He is really smitten.

I confess that whoever recruits for Fox has effectively dispelled the stereotype of a conservative as a paunchy, middle-aged, white, male country club member. The combinations of beauty and brains they offer are just plain scary.

Admittedly, I am a political junkie, and while I love the NFL and never miss Michigan State football and basketball on the tube, I am not much given to stories about celebrities and demonstrations on behalf of endangered species.

That said, I must confess that too often Fox News becomes an incomprehensible cacophony of competing opinions. Perhaps the sewing circle simulation of several people talking at the same time is a bi-product of too many smart, articulate women with open microphones.

On the other hand, it’s not just the girls. The kingpin of Fox News, Bill O’Reilly, is the poster boy for impolite, inconsiderate, inexcusable interruption. He gets a guest on his show, asks a question, and about the time the guest has said three words, O’Reilly is spouting his own view of the matter. Loudly. Vociferously. Interminably.

I am going to be interested to see who Bill O’Reilly supports for President next year. I have a hunch that he already has a manuscript started. It’s called “Killing Donald Trump.” Now there’s an idea that might intrigue NBC.

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  1. Judge I enjoy your posts and agree wholeheartedly about Fox news! Too many women with nice cleavage talking as experts about the world, when really they could care less, just like the exposure and they are women, not men! Wish Rush Limbaugh had a massive network, but just him reporting and sending Obama where he belongs, certainly not where he is now> And now, I'm an old SEC fan because I'm a rebel from the South, but also a born again Christian after many years on the other side so I do understand just who the world really is. See you later, Dickie