Thursday, January 17, 2013


About two years ago, the American Bar Association organized a task force to oppose anti-Sharia legislation in fourteen states.

It seems that Alaska, Alabama, Arkansas, Georgia, Indiana, Louisiana, Mississippi, Nebraska, South Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, Utah and Wyoming were all weighing the adoption of laws which would prohibit courts from considering Sharia law in any of their decisions.

At first blush, it sounds like the American Bar Association is in favor of scrapping the tried and true common law we inherited from England in favor of the religious and legal traditions of Islamic nations.

This view seems to have been re-enforced in a recent promotion by the ABA of a book by Hauwa Ibrahim, a female Muslim lawyer practicing in Nigeria.

The title? Practicing Sharia Law: Seven Strategies for Achieving Justice in Sharia Countries.

Frankly, the notion that the American Bar Association wants to prepare American lawyers to practice Sharia Law boggles my mind.

If anything, the ABA has been in the forefront of support for liberal causes for as long as I can remember.

How an organization that defends abortion, pornography, same sex marriage, decriminalizing recreational drugs and the whole panoply of Western decadence can promote Sharia law without appearing schizophrenic is beyond me.

Still, there may be a thread of consistency.

In Waltham Forest, a suburb of London, radical Islamist Abu Izzadeen distributes posters declaring the town to be under Sharia law.

Gambling, drinking alcoholic beverages, use of drugs, and social mingling by men and women are prohibited. At least that’s what the posters say.

As fast as Izzadeen puts them up, the local police tear them down.

About 15% of Waltham Forest’s residents are Muslim. Nearby hamlets of Newham and Tower have 25% and 33% respectively.

Those percentages go up every year.

The City of Dearborn, Michigan is about 40% Muslim.

While Sharia law is not yet formally enforced in Dearborn, it is clear that the local authorities have little interest in challenging the Muslim community.

This video demonstrates the bias in local law enforcement:

Dearborn Riot

Sharia courts are common in Britain. They operate under general British law which permits people to select arbiters to settle civil disputes. If both sides want their dispute to be submitted to a Sharia judge, the British law will recognize the binding arbitration.

At first blush, the idea of a foreign system of laws being engrafted on our established state and municipal legal traditions seems contradictory and impractical.

Still, we have the practice of permitting Native Americans to operate their own courts, and conduct their own law enforcement.

Home Rule statutes being what they are, it is not beyond the realm of possibility that Sharia-type regulations might be imposed by municipal ordinance where the population of a city favors them

And Muslims might not be alone when it comes to banning alcohol, pornography, prostitution, drugs, gambling etc.

When Abu Izzadeen comes to Dearborn, the American Bar Association will have to decide whether American hedonism trumps Home Rule.

I expect the rank and file among the organized Bar will continue to support its long established liberal agenda.

Still, they might just sell a boat load of copies of Ms. Ibrahim’s book. A lot of lawyers would want to know the Seven Strategies for Achieving Justice.

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  1. I think the vast majority of Americans are clueless regarding the spred of Isalm and what it brings with it along the way. If so many people are clueless regarding their own govenment, and how the dismantlaling of the how could they know about Islam?