Wednesday, January 18, 2012


When whoever or whatever invented the human race, people were designed in two models. Pink and blue. Boys and girls. Guys and gals. Men and women. Male and female.

They’re both human beings. Homo Sapiens. Both are distinguished from lower forms of animal life by their attributes of intellect and free will.

But they are different from each other. Right from the get go, you can see that the plumbing is different.

Most of the other differences are related to those organs. The Inventor has infused us with a powerful mating urge. It affects our thoughts, triggers our emotions, challenges our intellects, tugs at our free will.

The reason is pretty obvious. Sexual activity undergirds the continuation of the human race. It’s a matter of life and death.

You don’t have to teach kids how to copulate. If you put a male infant and a female infant on a desert island and raised them with robots, they would figure out what to do with their sex organs at about age 14 if not before.

But the mating instinct is more than the urge to press pelvis to pelvis.

Human beings are hard wired to experience a whole panoply of emotions that expand the act of sexual intercourse into a relationship which has the same purpose and effect: the continuation of the human race.

And so men and women who engage in sex with each other are said, even in our hedonistic culture, to be ‘in a relationship.’ The simple, popular name to put on it is ‘love.’

But there is nothing simple about it. When people engage in the activity which makes babies, they experience a whole range of feelings and emotions.

They feel protective and protected. They feel possessive and possessed. They have been connected and they feel connected. It’s nature’s way of assuring that new born infants are not left to die nor toddlers left to fend for themselves.

These are rather simple observations which persons of normal intelligence can pretty much figure out for themselves.

Unhappily our free will sometimes gets ahead of our intellect. People who understand quite well that the purpose of eating is to nourish the body can nevertheless consume three hamburgers in four or five minutes to win a contest.

Just knowing the purpose of the mating instinct doesn’t stop people from prowling singles bars in search of a one night stand.

A society that treats sexual intercourse as no more significant than a game of table tennis and condones myriad forms of sexual gratification that have nothing to do with procreation may ignore, but cannot repeal, the laws of nature.

The consequences for society are apparent. Single moms. Single Dads. Broken families. Houses that aren’t homes. Kids that aren’t children. Grown ups that aren’t grown up.

A ‘Me’ generation followed by a ‘Me Too’ generation will not support a vibrant, productive economy. Hedonism is not a viable political philosophy. Even Ron Paul would agree with that.

There’s more. The idea that anything goes when doors are closed has a pathetic human dimension. It’s called Viagra. It’s called Cialis. It’s called erectile disfunction in healthy males. Daily use? Who are you kidding? Get a life!

A wise woman once told me that orgasm is in the brain. And so it is.The Great Inventor didn’t intend people to be constantly acting like love bugs until they hit the windshield.

Sex is the most powerful urge of our nature. It drives men and women to great heights of effort and achievement. The cycle of anticipation and fulfillment provides the greatest measure of happiness that is allotted to mortals in this veil of tears.

Indeed, abstinence is the most powerful aphrodisiac.

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