Wednesday, July 21, 2010


There’s a message going around on the Internet that is causing quite a stir.

It predicts that in about 30 years Western Europe will be comprised of Muslim countries. Omar Kadhafi, the Lybian dictator, has chortled that the conquest of Europe will be achieved without firing a shot.

Anthropologists agree with him.

Birth rates as low as 1.1 in Spain and 1.3 in Italy are far below the 2.1 average needed to sustain the current population. Statistics demonstrate that birth rates below 1.8 constitute irreversible trends.

The same Internet essay tells us that around 1970 there were 100,000 Muslims in the United States. Today there are over 9,000,000.

The birth rate among Caucasians in our country is about the same as France or Great Britain, 1.7. The influx of immigrants from Mexico, mostly illegal, adds enough babies to bring our rate up to a sustainable level of around 2.2.

Which sort of gives us a Hobson’s choice. Our great grandchildren can either learn to speak Spanish or they can adjust to life under Shiria Law.

I suppose all good things have to come to an end.

Looking back, I have to say we were a great race of people.

We were philosophers, theologians, scientists, artists, engineers. We harnessed the atom and went to the moon.

We built great cities and universities, invented computers and established a global communication network we called the world wide web.

Our man Thomas Edison gave us electricity, and Henry Ford gave us wheels.

A white man named Alexander Cartwright invented baseball. Another, James Naismith, put a basket on the side of a barn and started throwing balls at it, launching a sport now played around the world. Papa Halas and a few other brave souls organized a football league.

We called it Western Civilization. We taught it in our schools and colleges. Its roots were in the Jewish and Christian religions which revealed to us that there is a single omnipotent Creator who is responsible for our existence and who continues to sustain us on this planet.

From those religious traditions we learned that we were unique and special creatures, entitled to be free, destined for greatness, charged with the care and protection of our earthly home.

From their basic tenets we structured systems of governance in which the people elected representatives to make decisions for the common good, and we wrote constitutions to specify their powers and define the unalienable rights of the people.

Our Western Civilization was a success. We became rich, powerful, comfortable and secure. We invented medicines and built hospitals and we lived longer and longer.

And we had fun. Boy, did we have fun. Every day was Disneyland. Entertainment became ubiquitous and incessant. We ate until we were fat, then dieted to be beautiful.

Sex became recreation. Babies, like pets, were optional possessions. About 25 percent of new white people are destroyed in their mother’s wombs, and never see the light of day.

And so we are not replacing ourselves. We are being destroyed from within, corrupted by our own success and gratification.

What a pity.


  1. Your essay touches on the very fact that we ourselves, all alone, have created every morsel of outcome that has taken place and will take place. We are in charge of not only our destiny, but our historical account of what comes next. As a Sociologist, I can say without exception that there is nothing that we do today that does not write the script for our tomorrow. In addition, the downfall of our great society that likely all believed would somehow be insulated from global affects will be attributed to not only the greed within it's own system, but that which motivates our global neighbors. Might I also say that you cannot have it both ways....freedom for all is for ALL and that isn't free and does'nt come free of risk! While the Euro-American Christians and Jews were free to enter this country and build a nation that reflected their vision of freedom, multiply in population and build our great cities, so too will those Hispanic and Muslim people. In a society it will always be that the greediest will exploit the masses and as History could predict, Capitalism will be felled by the greed of those dangling participles lurking on the lowest edges of the Bell curve. Each generation has believed that the lifestyle they leave behind was better than the one to come next. I would like to think that our future will be exactly as the world wishes it to be and that it's next inhabitants will continue to challenge and perfect our system to insulate it's finer points from the influx of radical ideas. While I experience moments of sadness, most of the books and movies I am entertained by always have a surprise ending!

    Pegwriter, Houston

  2. Probably not the essay you want put up if you want the convention movement to be broad based. There are other sociological works that define white separateness as a state of mind rather than a real biological characteristic - indeed, many "non-whites" are whiter than many ethnically white people - both in terms of skin color and attitude.

    Of course, what makes us biologically "white" is the pressence of (inferior) Neanderthal DNA. Anyone who does not have both parents born in Africa has between 1% and 4% of this genetic impurity. Many of our accomplishments as a race derive from our flaws and our attempts to overcompensate and our laws to bar competition from races which are less flawed are all the more evidence of our inherent inferiority - made all the more apparent by the success of black Americans when they are allowed to compete at our game.

    We can change our inevitable fate, of course, by enacting a tax credit for families that makes childrearing a necessary condition for gaining wealth. Granted, it will help other races make ends meet - but its largest effect will be on the white birth rate. Only our own Neanderthal stupidity prevents us from following such a necessary path.