Tuesday, February 17, 2009


The cover of the February 16th issue of NEWSWEEK magazine carries the chilling message that socialism has arrived in America. The extensive cover story effectively argues that the United States of America has become the Socialist Union of America.

Goodby USA. Hello SUA.

NEWSWEEK points out that the election of Barack Obama was not the beginning of the transformation from USA to SUA. It was the final step, the confirmation of a trend that began 77 years ago with the election of Franklin Delano Roosevelt and has crept quietly and inexorably upon us ever since.

It has not been the sole province of Democrats or Republicans. In fact, as NEWSWEEK so accurately notes, the 700 billion dollar Bush bailout in the summer of 2008 effectively nationalized the mortgage banking industry. It was a bipartisan capitulation to government management of the economy.

I have long been a proponent of calling a convention to propose amendments as provided in Article V of the constitution. Thirty years ago, I wrote a law review article entitled "Return to Philadelphia." I still think it's the right thing to do.

On that subject however, I have been mostly a voice crying in the wilderness. Liberals and conservatives have both opposed the idea, curiously enough because they both fear that the other side would dominate a convention and propose amendments they regard as anathama.

The Friends of an Article V Convention (FOAVC) of which I am a founding member, takes great pains to distinguish between a convention to propose amendments and a full fledged constitutional convention, summoned to rewrite the supreme law of the land.

Opponents of a convention insist that there is no way to limit the delegates; once they are convened and organized, they might do just as the Philadelphia convention did, and scrap everything in favor of a new document. Which is why strange bedfellows like the John Birch Society and the ACLU unite in opposition to a convention.

So be it. Perhaps the time for pussyfooting is over. Maybe its the season for all Americans of good will and common sense to say, "Hey, let's put the cards on the table and battle our philosophies of government to the finish. Let's see what kind of a government the people really want in the twenty first century. And let's put it down on paper in clear, unambiguous English language. Or some other language, if that's what the people want.

The preamble to the Philadelphia constitution defines its purpose this way:

"We the people of the United States of America, in order to form a more perfect union, establish justice, insure domestic tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general welfare and assure the blessings of liberty to ourselves and our posterity, do ordain and establish this constitution"

Would the current citizenry prefer something like this:

"We the people of the Socialist Union of America, in order to form a sovereign central government, establish equality, insure a prosperous economy, provide for the abolition of war, promote the physical, environmental, and economic welfare of every person, and assure the blessings of freedom and privacy to ourselves and our posterity, do ordain and establish this constitution"?

I like the old version. But I would rather have a whole new written constitution than a nation which simply ignores its fundamental charter and allows itself to be ruled by politicians and media pundits.


  1. Unfortunately, Congress does not represent the majority of Americans. Instead, Congress represents two extremes:
    (1)One extreme wants unfettered capitalism and freedom to explore every facet of unchecked greed (which we have seen plenty of lately).

    (2)The other extreme wants a nanny state with citizens dependent on the government, with cradle-to-grave programs that nuture a sense of entitlement and the myth that we can somehow all live at the expense of everyone else.

    The federal government could do many things to help most Americans, but it won't because Congress and the Executive Branch is FOR-SALE, as evidenced by 99.7% of all 200 Million eligible voters who are vastly out-spent by a very tiny 0.3% of the wealthiest voters who make 83% of all federal campaign donations of $200 or more.

    The tax system is a very good example. The tax system could be much simpler and fairer, but there's no mystery as to why Congress refuses to make it so. As the tax system currently exists, it is severely over-complicated and regressive. Even Warren Buffet agrees.

    Unfortunately, there are many (if not most) Americans who still believe that THEIR party serves the majority of Americans.
    Neither side in the two-party duopoly serves the majority of Americans, and that will soon most likely be proven true when these 10 abuses still continue to be ignored, which continue to hammer most Americans, and continue the deterioration of numerous economic conditions growing dangerously in number and severity (many that have never been worse ever, and/or since the Great Depression. The $10.8 Trillion National Debt is now 62% larger per-capita than the previous record-high in year 1945 (after World War II). And that does not even include the $12.8 Trillion borrowed and spent from Social Security, leaving it pay-as-you-go, with a 77 Million baby-boomer bubble approaching.

    The bailouts and stimulus will most likely only make a bad situation worse, because they try to treat the symptoms rather than treat the disease. They do not address the numerous abuses hammering most Americans. The federal government could do MANY things to help the majority of Americans, but they aren't. Congress is doing little (if anything) to:

    [] (01) Stop these 10 abuses now.

    [] (02) Stop the dishonest, usurious, predatory, lending practices of the banks, or Stop the Federal Reserve's Ponzi-scheme which steeply leverages debt-to-reserves (i.e. 9-to-1 fractional lending). Banks are essentially loan-sharking, jacking up adjustable rate mortgages (foreclosures be damned) with ridiculously high interest rates (commonly up to 10%-to-20% and as high as 64%) and other predetory lending practices. Banks are also preying on the young, poor, minorities, financially naive, and people deep in debt due to outrageously expensive medical fees.

    [] (03) Stop growing and eliminate all of the massive bloat and waste in the federal government now. We don't need all of this bloat: www.akdart.com/gov1.html

    [] (04) Stop the war in Iraq; Also stop (or greatly reduce) the U.S. military presence in 132 nations around the world. That costs a LOT! Is all of that necessary? No. Reduce that presence significantly (if not totally), without becoming excessively protectionist.

    [] (05) Stop throwing money, subsidies, tax breaks, and welfare at failing banks, financial corporations, the wealthy, and Wall Street; stop rewarding failure;

    [] (06) Stop rampant corruption by increasing and enforcing more transparency and accountability;

    [] (07) Stop Constitutional violations; reduce lawlessness; enforce existing laws (e.g. Article V); stop illegal immigration and $70-to-$327 Billion in annual net losses due to illegal immigration;

    [] (08) Stop plundering Social Security surpluses; $12.8 Trillion has been borrowed and spent, leaving Social Security pay-as-you-go, with 77 Million baby-boomer bubble approaching;

    [] (09) Stop regressive taxation;

    [] (10) Stop killing 195,000 per year due to preventable medical mistakes. Between 1999 and 2004, over 1.5 million people were killed by preventable medical mistakes. That is more than all the American soldiers killed in the American Revolution (4,435), the War of 1812 (2,260), the Indian Wars (1,000), the Mexican War (1,733), the Civil War (462,000), the Spanish American War (385), WWI (53,402), WWII (291,557), Vietnam War (58,209), Korean War (36,574), the Iraq Gulf War (529), and the current Iraq war 19-Mar-2003-to-24-Jan-2009 (4,232), combined! Create a non-profit national health insurance system (get rid of the millions of unnecessary middlemen); build non-profit hospitals and clinics.

    [] (11) Stop Congress from rewarding itself with a raise almost every year (Congress recently gave itself the 10th raise in 12 years; the raises are actually automitic and a BILL is required to stop the automatic raise; must be nice, eh?). Is that necessary? No. What arrogance! ? ! Especially when U.S. Troops go without armor, adequate medical care, promised benefits, and have to do 2, 3, or 4+ tours in Iraq and/or Afghanistan.

    [] (12) Stop pandering politicians who are virtually are FOR-SALE. Allow only equal public financing of elections. Otherwise, politicians will continue to sell-out most Americans!

    [] (13) Stop pork-barrel; pass a ONE-PURPOSE-PER-BILL amendment;

    [] (14) Stop career politicians; pass TERM-LIMITS for all offices in the federal government; tenure corrupts;

    [] (15) Stop the myriad of unfair incumbent advantages;

    [] (16) Stop the deterioration of public education; eliminate the bloated, over-paid, and incompetent adminstrative staff; More education solutions;

    [] (17) Stop repeatedly rewarding irresponsible, FOR-SALE, incompetent, and/or corrupt incumbent politicians with 85%-to-90% re-election rates. Stop rewarding corruption, or suffer the painful consequences

    [] (18) Stop all unnecessary and wasteful spending. Do as Obama recommended; go through the budget with a fine-tooth comb. Shift unnecessary spending to spending that doesn't result in net losses. Work on making the U.S. more energy independent. Work in the most important infrastructure projects. Work on more efficient transportation. Develop a non-profit health insurance system amd possibly more non-profit hospitals, clinics, and healthcare centers.

    [] (19) If the federal government is going to spend money to create jobs, how about focusing on one of the nation's most severe vulnerabilities, and create jobs to research, develop, and implement better and more renewable energy resources and rebuild and improve the nation's infrastructure (which will create long-term savings and benefits);

    [] (20) More Solutions . . .
    The debt bubble continues to grow larger every day, numerous economic conditions continue to deteriorate.
    As a result, the risk of high inflation (i.e. double-digit) and/or hyperinflation are at least 51% or greater now, because:
    [] [01] NATIONAL DEBT: The $10.8 Trillion National Debt (per-capita) has never been larger ($35,081 in year 2008 versus $21,719 in year 1945 in inflation-adjusted 2008 U.S. Dollars). At $40.15 Billion per month ($481.8 Billion per year), it would take 164 years to pay down (at only a 4.5% interest rate). Including the $12.8 Trillion borrowed and spent from Social Security, the total $23.6 Trillion federal debt has never been larger in size, as a percentage of GDP, and per-capita (all 3 combined). Yet some in Congress tell us the debt is not a problem? ? ?

    [] [02] TOTAL FEDERAL DEBT is UNTENABLE?: The current total federal debt ($23.5 Trillion = $10.8 Trillion National Debt + $12.8 Trillion borrowed from Social Security, leaving it pay-as-you-go, with a 77 Million baby-boomer bubble approaching) is near (if not already) untenable. At $79 Billion per month ($948 Billion per year), it would take 120 years to pay down (at only a 4.0% interest rate).

    [] [03] LARGEST TOTAL FEDERAL DEBT EVER: The total current $23.5 Trillion of federal debt and has never been larger ever, BOTH as a percentage (170%) of GDP and per-capita ($77,049 in year 2008 versus $21,719 in year 1945 in inflation-adjusted 2008 U.S. Dollars).

    [] [04] TOTAL NATION-WIDE DEBT: Total $67 nation-wide debt has never been larger in size, as a percentage of GDP, and per-capita (per person):
    [04.a] Private domestic financial sector debt=$15.8 Trillion;
    [04.b] Household debt= $13.88 Trillion;
    [04.c] Business debt=$10.16 Trillion;
    [04.d] Federal government National Debt = $10.8 Trillion
    [04.e] State and local government debt = $2.2 Trillion;
    [04.f] Other private sector foreign debt = $1.8 Trillion;
    [04.g] Total nation-wide debt = $54 Trillion (excluding the $12.8 Trillion borrowed and spent from Social Security, leaving it pay-as-you-go, with a 77 million baby boomer bubble approaching);
    [04.h] Total nation-wide debt = $67 Trillion (including the $12.8 Trillion borrowed and spent from Social Security);
    [04.i] Total nation-wide debt of $67 Trillion is 4.83 times they GDP of year 2007 ($13.86 Trillion);
    [04.j] Total nation-wide debt is $220,000 per-capita, which has never been larger, and has almost quintupled from 100% of GDP in year 1956 to 483% of GDP in 2008.
    [04.k] At $233.333 Billion per month ($2.68 Tillion per year), it would take 433 years to pay down the $67 Trillion nation-wide debt (at only a 4.0 interest rate ; source: MWHodges.home.att.net/debt-summary-table.htm);

    [] [05] UNACCOUNTABILITY of BAIL-OUT MONEY: The Federal Reserve will not disclose a full accounting of $3.2-to-$8.5 Trillion in bail-outs and hand-outs for banks and Wall Street. Some of the money was used for parties, vacations, bonuses and exorbitant salaries to executive manamgent who were largerly responsible for wide-spread mismanagement that created this economic mess. Some of the money was used by some banks to buy other banks. It must be nice to be able to create new money out of thin air at a ratio of 9-to-1 of debt-to-reserves, and then receive interest by loaning it out. Cha-Ching!

    [] [06] INCESSANT INFLATION: The federal government and Federal Reserve have perpetuated inflation for 52 consecutive years and more inflation will almost certainly continue by doubling, tripling, or N-tupling the money supply by creating massive amounts of money from thin air (since the massive amounts being spent can't all be borrowed from China, Japan, or other nations). Moderate or double-digit inflation can lead to hyperinflation. Although hyperinflation is caused mainly by excessive deficit spending financed by excessive money-printing by a government, some economists believe that social breakdown leads to hyperinflation (not vice versa), and that hyperinflation's roots lie in political rather than economic causes. It is probably BOTH. That is not encouraging since 86.9% of Congress was re-elected on 4-NOV-2008.

    [] [07] FEDERAL RESERVE: The Federal Reserve is a dishonest, usurious, predatory, inflationary Ponzi-scheme, creating new money as debt at an excessive ratio of 9-to-1 (i.e. banks are only required to have 10% in reserves, which obviously (as we are seeing today) is not enough to weather a significant economic down-turn). As a result, 90%-to-95% of all U.S. money in existence in the U.S. exists as debt. The banks and their agents are largely responsible for this mess, and the mess in the Great Depression too. Banks and Wall Street bundled-up toxic debt, rated it AAA, and then fraudulently peddled it to the rest of the world. When it all blew up in their face, what happened? The federal government throws trillions of dollars at them, and they used the money for buying other banks, paying their debts, exorbitant bonuses for CEOs and executives, extravagant expenses, and many other obscene examples of unchecked greed. Where was the FEC? How did Bernard Madoff perpetrate a $50 Billion dollar Ponzi-scheme for about a decade, despite red-flags and warnings? Where was the Federal Reserve? Obviously, they are not only incompetent, but complicit in a myriad of manifestations of unchecked greed.

    [] [08] ABUSES: These 10 abuses have been (for several decades, and still are) hammering most Americans (corroborating the theory in item [06] above that the root causes of hyperinflation may be political instead of economic?). It appears most likely that a number of these abuses will continue (such as illegal immigration: see [12] below).

    [] [09] FOREIGN OWNED U.S. Dollars: Over $11 Trillion U.S. Dollars are foreign owned. Inflation could motivate the spending and dumping of those U.S. Dollars (i.e. a run on the U.S. Dollar).

    [] [10] UNEMPLOYMENT: There are 11.1-to-24.6 Million unemployed (more than the 12.83 Million unemployed in the Great Depression), and growing by over half-a-million per month. The federal government can't employ all of those people. Then administration plans to create 2-to-3 million jobs, which may still leave 9.1-to-22.6 Million unemployed.

    [] [11] FEDERAL BLOAT and WASTE:

    [] [12] ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION: Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) has already introduced an immigration bill (S. 9) to be used as his vehicle for a sweeping Illegal Alien Amnesty. The amnesty of 1986 quintupled the problem, and another amnesty will most likely make the problem worse too (again). Importing by the millions of the less educated, less skilled, more diseased, and more impoverished is not helping the nation (except for those wanting votes and cheap labor). The federal government appears determined to continue to despicably pit Americans and illegal aliens against each other for votes and profits disguised as compassion. The federal government is importing 1.5 Million foreign workers per year when there are 11-to-25 Million unemployed Americans. Why? Some law firms are teaching corporations how to abuse the H-1B Visa programs so that they can avoid hiring Americans. Yet another manifestation of unchecked greed. Americans will continue to lose an estimated $70-to-$327 Billion per year in net losses due to illegal immigration. In the recent $787 Billion Stimulus BILL, e-Verify was dropped from the BILL, despite the obvious way to preserve jobs for Americans. The U.S. Chamber of Commerce, ACLU, and Congress are fighting to end e-Verify. It's despicable how they are pitting American citizens and illegal aliens against each other for votes, profits, disguised as compassion for illegal aliens (i.e. severely misplaced compassion).

    [] [13] DECLINING GDP: GDP ($13.86 Trillion in year 2007 in 2007 U.S. Dollars), in inflation-adjusted 2005 and 1950 U.S. Dollars has been falling between year JAN-2007 and JAN-2009, and the decline has never been larger since year 1900 (if ever). During the period there has also been record level deficit spending by the federal government.

    [] [14] INFLATION: Year-to-year inflation is rising (though it has decreased in the last few months of 2008): 2002=1.59%, 2003=2.27%, 2004=2.68%, 2005=3.39%, 2006=3.24%, 2007=2.85%, 2008=3.85%, 2009=??.?? . There has been positive inflation (sometimes double-digit) for 52 consecutive years, and it appears there will be many more years of inflation. If the money supply is too small, it's because most of the money (90%-to-95%) exists as debt.

    [] [15] LIES: The federal government lies about many economic statistics. Do you really believe average inflation for year 2008 is 3.85% ? Not according to the previous methods of measuring inflation, before the calculations were modified in year 1983 and 1998. One of the changes was to give more weighting to items falling in price than items rising in price, resulting in an inflation number that is about 40% of what it used to be, and that error is compounded year-after-year. By the way, Social Security increase are based on inflaton. The federal government also fudges other economic statistics, such as debt (e.g. there is no Social Security surplus), GDP, and unemployment. Please see http://www.shadowstats.com for statistics before the formulas were suspiciously modified to make things look better than they really are.

    [] [16] MOST MONEY in the U.S. is DEBT: 90%-to-95% of all U.S. money in the U.S. exists as debt, because money is created as debt at a ratio of 9-to-1, requiring banks to only have 10% in reserves. Where will the money come from to merely pay the interest on so much nation-wide debt when that money does not yet exist? Creating new money out of thin air is a sure way to create inflation. If there is too much inflation, it may cause a run on the U.S. Dollar, since $11 Trillion U.S. Dollars are foreign-owned.

    [] [17] FALLING U.S. DOLLAR: The U.S. Dollar has already been falling significantly for years againast many major international currencies. A 1950 U.S. Dollar is now worth only 10 cents. We've had 52 consecutive years of inflation and federal deficit spending. Why? Who do you think benefits most from that? It's not that complicated, when you realize that the Federal Reserve receives interest on money created out of thin air at a steep 9-to-1 ratio of debt-to-reserves. That's also why 90%-to-95% of all U.S. Money in existence in the U.S. exists as debt. As a result, the total nation-wide debt has grown from 100% of GDP in year 1956 to 483% of GDP in year 2008. That's a Ponzi-scheme that grows the debt-pyramid ever larger, and that can not last forever. All pyramid-schemes are mathamatically doomed to collapse eventually. Germany and China have more exports than the U.S. The U.S. is now the biggest importer and debtor nation on the planet. 20% of Americans have negative net worth. 40% of Americans have (on average) ZERO net worth. 80% of Americans now own only 17% of all wealth in the U.S. Americans, deep in debt, are liquidating at a furious pace. Foreign-owned assets in the U.S. has grown from $6 Trillion to $24 Trillion since 1997. The $67 Trillion nation-wide debt is crushing the nation, as evidenced by these numerous deteriorating economic conditions.

    [] [18] HISTORY OF HYPERINFLATION: Dozens of nations over the past 150 years have already tried to money-print, borrow, and spend their way to prosperity, and it destroyed the currency. Double-digit inflation alone could cause enough fear to trigger a run on the U.S. Dollar. The gargantuan size of the total federal and nation-wide debt (both of which have never been larger per-capita or as a percentage of GDP) could cause enough fear to trigger a run on the U.S. Dollar. Also, with $11 Trillion foreign-owned U.S. Dollars, inflation is more dangerous.

    [] [19] MOST AMERICANS TAPPED-OUT: Most Americans are tapped-out and in-debt. 20% of Americans have negative net worth. 40% of Americans have (on average) ZERO net worth. That's a death nail for an economy that is 70% consumer driven. Money is created as debt (at a 9-to-1 ratio of debt-to-reserves) and 90%-to-95% of all U.S. Dollars in the U.S. exist as debt. How can the money-supply increase if most people can borrow any more? Recognizing that dilema, the federal government and Federal Reserve are now making plans to create and/or borrow money and give it away. However, that will most likely create more inflation (which has been positive for 52 consecutive years), which will devalue all money that already exists, wages, pensions, savings, and entitlements. Who does inflation really help most? Inflation has been used for decades to slowly but surely extract wealth from the middle-class and funnel it to the banks. And even if times are tough, the federal government and the Federal Reserve will bail-out the banks and Wall Street.

    [] [20] WEALTH DISPARITY: The wealth disparity gap in the U.S. has been growing larger since year 1976, and have never been larger since they Great Depression. The wealthiest 1% owns 40% of all wealth. 80% of all Americans own only 17% of all wealth in the U.S. 20% of Americans have negative net worth (i.e. debt). 40% of Americans (on average) have ZERO net worth.

    [] [21] LIQUIDATION is ALREADY in PROGRESS: Foreign owned assets in the U.S. has quadrupled from about $6 Trillion in year 1997 to $24 Trillion in year 2007. Why? Because Americans are selling off assets to pay their debts.

    [] [22] 70% CONSUMER-DRIVEN ECONOMY: A 70% consumer-driven economy is not sustainable. Politicians constantly speak of growth instead of sustainability. However, most Americans are going backwards. Real median household incomes have been falling for decades (especially when including regressive taxation, $70-to-$327 Billion per year in net losses due to illegal immigration, more workers per household, more national debt, and a more bloated and wasteful government of nightmare proportions;

    [] [23] REGRESSIVE TAXATION: Warren Buffet, the 2nd wealthiest person in the U.S., pays a lower percentage of income to federal taxes (e.g. 17.7% on $46 Million in year 2006), than his secretary (who paid 30% in federal taxes on an income of $60K) and many Americans. Warren Buffet told Tom Brokaw on "NBC Nightly News" that the U.S. tax structure is unfair. Warren Buffet performed an informal poll in his office, where the average tax rate was 32.9%, compared to his 17.7% percent, citing that as evidence that "the tax system has tilted toward the rich in the last 10 years".

    [] [24] CREDIT DEFAULT SWAP BUBBLE: A $455+ Trillion Credit Default Swap (CDS) bubble and derivatives bubble still looms (e.g CDSs, SIVs, ABSs, CDOs, subprime CDOs, squared CDOs, CPDOs, SPVs, VIEs, etc.) of over $455 Trillion (source: www.reuters.com/article/rbssFinancialServicesAndRealEstateNews/idUSN1472586720080915 );

    [] [25] 11.1-to-24.6 Million Unemployed (DEC-2008): There are more unemployed today than the 12.83 Million unemployed in the Great Depression. While the percentage is 7.2% today (versus 21.7% in 1934), the 11.1-to-24.6 Million unemployed probably couldn't care less what the percentage is. At any rate, so many unemployed equates to less tax revenues, more welfare and unemployment expenses, decreased consumerism, more foreclosures, and more people without health insurance.

    [] [26] TRADE IMBALANCES: Massive imports (versus exports) has created a steady flow of wealth out of the U.S., and millions of jobs have left the country. The federal government even gives tax breaks and subsidies to some corporations who move jobs out of the U.S. Unfair trade deals have created numerous abuses. Since Congress is FOR-SALE, it is unlikely this pattern will end any time soon. Greed and profits drive corporations to move operations out of the U.S. and when wages in those foreign nations rise too high, the corporations go somewhere else, ensuring a source of cheap labor should they return later. Also, since environmental and labor laws are weaker and/or non-existent in many nations, corporations can commit abuses, pollute, and avoid costs and laws prohibiting such abuses. It's a race to the bottom. While it may be difficult to stop all of these manifestations of unchecked greed, the federal government should not be rewarding corporations for such abuses. But then, Congress also shouldn't be rewarding itself for it either with 10 raises in 12 years, and another $93,000 per Congress person for petty-cash expenses. Cha Ching! Since Congress is FOR-SALE, and voters repeatedly reward incumbent politicians in Congress with 85%-to-90% re-election rates, it is very unlikely Congress will stop this or a number of abuses.

    [] [27] GOVERNMENT BLOAT and WASTE: There are more jobs in government than in all manufacturing. The federal government is the largest employer in the nation, and recent estimates claim that the federal government will grow by another 600,000 to 800,000 employees.

    [] [28] MORE of the STATUS QUO: 86.9% of Congress was rewarded with re-election on 4-NOV-2008. And Congress just gave itself its 10th raise in 12 years, plus $93,000 per Congress person for petty expenses. Cha Ching!

    Congress doesn't lack for good idea and solutions.
    Unfortunately, Congress is where good ideas and solutions go to die.

    However, voters are culpable too.
    Voters need to do their part too.
    Government won't become more responsible and accountable until enough voters do too, but that's not going to happen while too many voters still love THEIR political party more than their country, and repeatedly reward FOR-SALE, irresponsible, incompetent, and corrupt incumbent politicians with 85%-to-90% re-election rates (despite voters' dismally low 9%-to-18% approval ratings for Congress). Until voters do their part too, corruption will continue to grow . . . at least until it finally becomes too painful. Voters have a peaceful solution if they want it, and it has been right under their very own noses all along. The danger is that as the economy deteriorate, too many voters may become too impatient to wait for the next election or peaceful solutions. If that happens, societal disorder is not far fetched.

    What can we do now?
    Focus on the voters.
    Educate the voters with information.
    The federal government is lying about a lot of economic information (e.g. inflation, GDP, total debt, unemployment, etc.) to help keep the masses docile.
    Education is the first step.
    Too many voters are simply unaware of what is happening.
    However, voters are culpable too, because:[] 99.7% of all 200 Million eligible voters are vastly out-spent by a very tiny 0.3% of the wealthiest voters who make 83% of all federal campaign donations of $200 or more;
    [] 90% of elections are won by the candidate that spends the most money (ususally the incumbent politician).
    [] too many politicians in the federal government are FOR-SALE, but too many voters repeatedly reward those politicians with re-election.
    [] Congress carries the water for their big-money puppeteers (corporations and their owners and operators) who fill the politicians' campaign war-chests;
    [] incumbent politicians have many unfair advantages that make their cu$hy, coveted incumbencies more secure;
    [] Congress is programmed (by voters) to ignore the electorate, since voters repeatedly reward Congress with 85%-to-90% re-election rates, despite voters' dismal 9%-to-18% approval ratings for Congress;
    [] Congress just gave itself its 10th raise in 12 years, plus an extra $93,000 per Congress person for petty cash and expense. Cha Ching! All while U.S. Troops risk life and limb, go without adequate medical care, go without promised benefits, and have to do 2, 3, 4 or more tours in Iraq and/or Afghanistan.
    [] too many voters choose to put party before everything else . . . at least, until that becomes too painful;
    [] too many voters love THEIR party more than their country.
    [] 40%-to-50% of voters do not care to vote at all.
    [] too many voters fail to see how the clever No-Same-Party-Challenger mechanism keeps the incumbent politicians' re-election rates high, and their incumbents' incumbencies more secure, since most voters will NEVER vote for challengers in the OTHER evil party, despite the voters' dismal 9%-to-18% approval ratings for Congress, and despite their inability to name 10, 20, 50, 100, 200, or merely 268 (half of 535) incumbent politicians in Congress that are not irresponsible, corrupt, FOR-SALE, and/or incompetent, and deserve re-election. Too many voters find it easier to pretend that the problem is everyone else's incumbent politicians, and/or ONLY the OTHER party. Since too many voters have been convinced to hate the politicians in the OTHER party, those voters are more likely to re-elect the incumbent politicians in THEIR party, despite the fact that the incumbent politicians in THEIR party are equally irresponsible, corrupt, FOR-SALE, and/or incompetent. As a result, often, even convicted felons if ever indicted or convicted, many receive pardons or commuted sentences; placing them above the law. And even if convicted and incarcerated, many still receive their multi-million dollar pensions and benefits.
    [] too many voters focus on indeterminable issues issues (e.g. abortion, gay marriage, stem cell research, etc.), to fuel the circular partisan warfare, rather than build unity to solve many other pressing problems that most voters already agree upon (i.e. both the problem and solution).
    [] too many voters succumb to group-think and lazily choose to wallow in the circular, distracting, divisive, partisan warfare. And politicians love to fuel it for obvious reasons. Many politicians are experts at fueling the circular partisan warfare, and capitalizing on many voters' laziness, and propensity to pull the party-lever. Who among us has never pulled the party-lever? The party-lever was one of the many clever mechanisms that help maintain very high re-election rates for incumbent politicians.
    [] too many voters lazily choose to be partisan-centric or people-centric, instead of principle centric, educated, and informed. The lazy way is only easier for a short while, but eventually there are painful consequences for choosing the lazy route. However, people are imperfect, but principles are timeless. Too many voters are not aware of their own principles, much less the principles and policies of their own incumbent politicians. Most voters only care about the politician's party affiliation, and little (if anything) more.
    [] too many voters let THEIR party do their thinking for them, assume that THEIR party has already carefully thought most things all through, and is truly lookin' out for them, despite the obvious evidence to the contrary and the voters' dismal 9%-to-18% approval ratings for Congress. The truth is embarrassing, which explains the reluctance to face the truth, and the stubborness to take a serious look at THEIR own party.
    [] too many voters simply blame the OTHER party, rather than admit few (if any) real differences of any importance between the parties.
    [] too many voters lazily and blindly pull the party-lever, rather than do the work to research voting records, deeds, and official positions and policies. Many voters don't even know who their Congress persons are, much less their voting records.
    [] too many voters fail to understand that short-sighted selfishness, laziness, and choosing the path of least resistance, like water running down-hill, is the path to MORE pain and misery; fueling and wallowing in the distracting, circular, divisive partisan-warfare is the opium of the masses and the path to MORE pain and misery, and too many incumbent politicians love to fuel it to distract from their own negligence, incompetence, corruption, and malfeasance;
    [] too many voters choose to ignore the important issues even THEIR own politicians are wrong about (e.g. illegal immigration, regressive taxation, unnecessary wars, constitutional violations, and numerous other abuses), or sacrifice previous held principles by mimicing a pretzel while trying to somehow rationalize, minimize, and/or justify those abuses. Too many voters rationalize blind partisan loyalty with the excuses:[] that the OTHER party is worse (which isn't likely to any significan degree, except for the usual shift of abused power and obstructionism available to the current IN-PARTY/OUT-PART);
    [] too many voters choose to blame anything and everybody but themselves . . . at least until that becomes too painful.
    [] too few voters sufficiently understand that the voters have the government that the voters elect (and re-elect, and re-elect, and re-elect , . . . , at least until that finally becomes too painful).

    At any rate, the voters have the government that the voters elect (and re-elect, and re-elect, and re-elect , . . . , at least until that finally becomes too painful).

  2. It is well past time to put the cards on the table about this government and its refusal to obey the Constitution. The number of applications for an Article V Convention now tops 700 applications from all 50 states. More are still being located and the only reason to believe it could not be over 750 is the fact we in FOAVC have run out of funds to continue this project for the immediate future.

    If anyone out there gives a damn about his country, they should seriously consider donating to FOAVC with the expressed purpose (and a email to that effect would be enough to see the funds are so directed)of continuing this work.

    Congress is out of control. Charges of violation of direct language of the Constitution are rampant on both political sides and surprisingly the agreement that these are in fact violations is almost universal. There are very few people, if any, who are defending the government's "right" to veto the Constitution.

    And where did all this begin? Formally, it began with two federal lawsuits in which the courts ruled the government can veto clauses of the Constitution under the political question doctrine. The issue of the lawsuits was an Article V Convention and surprise! every member of Congress joined as parties against obeying the Constitution. One of the cases went to the Supreme Court and that court without a bat of eye was told such action was a criminal offense on the part of Congress, it was admitted to by the government and court let the ruling stand.

    We in this country have tried everything else, every other constitutional action possible, except a convention. Nothing has worked. Yet opponents foolishly say a convention will overturn the Constitution. They offer no proof, no references nothing to support their point of view. They insist instead that what is required is to have Congress take care of the problem, yet they provide no means of showing how we the American people are to see this is done.

    Elect the other party? Been there, done that. Go extreme conservative? Been there, done that. Go socialist? Been there, done that (or we are in the process of doing so depending on how you view it.)

    What we haven't tried is a convention because that would mean we Americans would have to take command and responsibility and assume our sovereign powers. I think frankly because the basics of our nation have long since not been taught to our population it has lost the ability to be sovereign and that sooner or later it will come to regret that choice. And it is a choice. It can be reversed.

    If not....well I'm reminded of our nation being like a person sitting way on the aft end of the Titanic smugly confident as he sees the ship going down and seeing everyone else drown because his feet are still dry.

    I invite everyone to go to www.foavc.org and read the applications, learn the truth. Support an Article V Convention